Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathway Get Naked for ‘EW’

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway appear topless and at the same time totally comfortable with one other on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly.

Channeling the racy movie poster for their upcoming rom-com Love and Other Drugs, Anne and Jake show off their toned upper bodies for the lucky EW readers, with Anne divulging that she’s so comfy with Jake (her on-screen husband in Brokeback Mountain,) she didn’t mind hanging out with him in the buff during filming.

I thought, ‘Okay, I’m going to be in control. I’m going to do everything properly, disrobe at the last minute, and in between shots get the clothes back on.’ But then I found that every time I put my robe back on, it rubbed all the body makeup off, and that added 20 minutes to filming. As with all things in life, the second you stop making it about you and you make it about everyone else, it just got, dare I say, fun.

Jake and Anne have already dished at length about their steamy sex scenes and mugged together on the red carpet at the Love and Other Drugs premiere this week. Though they are just friends (and he’s reportedly dating Taylor Swift,) one can’t help but think that these two would make an adorable, super-talented pair!

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