James Franco Interested in Dating Jennifer Aniston

James Franco Interested in Dating Jennifer Aniston-photo

The "Millionaire Matchmaker" from Bravo's show of the same name -- Patti Stanger -- believes Jennifer Aniston's romantic woes should be solved by James Franco, and he agrees!

"How do you top Brad [Pitt?] You top Brad by pulling in James Franco," Patti told Access Hollywood Live when Jen's love life came up for discussion. "This would be great on-screen chemistry, as well in the bedroom at home. I think she’d get the hot factor back in her life with that."

With that in mind, Access' crew tracked down the 32-year-old star of 127 Hours at GQ's Men of the Year party in Los Angeles to press him for a response.

"She’s a very beautiful woman," Franco replied. "I think she’s dating someone."

But what if she's single?

Franco smiled and nodded his head in approval.

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  • CrlLove Aniston
    CrlLove Aniston

    Maybe like what Vicki says she shouldnt be SORT CALLED A COUGAR cos 32 is not that young. but you know if he is dependable it's ok! >< JOHN MAYER IS A FREAK WE SHOULD NVR COMPARE HIM TO James Franco. NVR! ok. But maybe they wont work out. But at least he is interested. but who knows?

  • Vicki

    Any gentleman would make the same comment about Jennifer but it does not mean they are interested in dating. I would say the same thing if being asked. Jennifer should date someone her age. She probably would not go for another younger guy because John Mayer was a lesson to learn for her. I would never date younger guy with such age gap. The chance of getting success is very slim in such relationship.

  • jkl

    Dumb trying to make headlines out of nothing

  • Leeanne

    i saw this on tv.. he looked like he was just agreeing to whatever anyone was saying , he didn't neccessarily look like he wanted to. But he did call her beautiful ! He's such a cutie , awwh. Isn't he dating someone though? She wouldn't be too happy..