Kim Sits Down with Matt Lauer for Thanksgiving Night Special

Matt Lauer is a man on a mission. He’s out to beat Kim Kardashian in a friendly card game.

The “Today” show anchor sat down recently with Kim is year for a Thanksgiving Special. Last year, Matt Lauer sat down with Susan Boyle, Chelsey “Sulley” Sullenberger, and Octomom Nadya Sulemen on the show, but it’s Kim’s turn this year.

Kim and Matt filmed the special in late October and Kim took to her blog to say,

This week we filmed an interview with Matt Lauer for his Thanksgiving Special. It’s a huge honor to be on his show! I hope you guys will all tune in to watch on Thanksgiving day!!

If you can’t wait until Thanksgiving, check out this clip for a sneak peak! And don’t forget to tune in to NBC Thanksgiving night at 9/8 PM Central.

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