Oksana Grigorieva Says Mel Gibson Hit Her, Had a Gun

Oksana Grigorieva Says Mel Gibson Hit Her, Had a Gun-photo

For the first time, Oksana Grigorieva is speaking publicly about the alleged domestic violence she encountered during her relationship with Mel Gibson.

In the interview with Larry King, Oksana opened up about her tumultuous relationship with Gibson that became very public after leaked audiotapes of their fights surfaced earlier this year. During the interview, Grigorieva says that during one major blowout on January 6:

"The beating took place. Mel actually assaulted me while I was holding the baby in my arms ... I ran into my son's bedroom and told him, 'Mel's crazy.'"

Watch the full interview below:

Grigorieva says their constant fighting and a fear for her safety caused her to begin recording their conversations.

"I started taping it around 11 o'clock because I thought, 'I'm actually not going to live through the night. I'm actually not going to live through the night and I wanted my mother to be able to prove that if I'm dead that this is who did it.'"

When asked by King why she stayed with Gibson after his alleged abusive incidents, Oksana says that she stayed "too long," and that at one point Mel "cried on his knees" and begged for her to stay with him.



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  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason

    Furthermore, why is it that Robin, his wife of 40 years never had any of these problems with Mel? All of a sudden he is with this greedy woman and now because Mel had a couple of meltdowns due to alcohol induced rages, you're all willing to think that he is a totally horrible person? I am more inclined to think that she is the one that is after his money and will slander , lie and do whatever she has to do get it.

  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason

    Maybe it's because we see her as a complete opportunist. It's pretty obvious that she is making Mel to be worse than he really is. She knows exactly how to push his buttons and then she pretends like she is so calm and innocent when in fact she pushed him to say the worst things. I simply do not trust her at all.

  • Shocked

    Why do so many rush to blame her? All the evidence points to him being the problem. This world is getting more and more anti-women. It's scary that he is given the benefit of the doubt when it's obvious he's grasping at straws. Society needs to protect women from this kind of man, not coddle the abusers!

  • bev

    The polls on TMZ show that over 70% of the public think less of Oksana now. She has contradicted herself repeatedly! She kept harping on how bad the legal system was and that it should not be in the hands of one man to decide. She isn't too frightened about losing custody --because she DID EXACTLY what the judge TOLD HER NOT TO DO--which shows she doesNOT Have the best interest of her children in mind. If, she was AS FRIGHTENED as she tried to claim on Larry King she would have called the police --to protect her children. Mel and Timothy should both go get their children--because this woman is going to TRY to say in the limelight her entire life---EVEN though she gets negative results--she seems to thrive on it. She claimed this was the first time she went public--NO she has talked to people magazine, and radaronline almost daily on their videos for weeks.........SHE IS A LIAR!