When Will ‘SNL’ Revive the ‘Miley Cyrus Show’?

Just a little over a month ago Saturday Night Live debuted a hilarious Miley Cyrus-inspired skit that took the internet by storm. However, despite its widespread popularity, SNL’s ‘Miley Cyrus Show’ has yet to return. What will it take for fans to see the “pretty cool” skit back on TV?

The sketch’s premise is a simple one – teen sensation Miley Cyrus (played perfectly by freshman player Vanessa Bayer) has her own TV talk show where she interviews celebrity guests. Watch the skit below and decide for yourself if Vanessa does a good impression of Miley.

Miley fans clearly enjoyed it, with 75% of Celebuzz readers declaring the skit funny. While some fans wondered if the sketch was too mean, other fans defended Vanessa’s Miley as being all in good fun.

With (the real) Miley’s 18th birthday birthday coming up on Tuesday, this week would be the perfect time to bring back the skit. Maybe Saturday’s celebrity host Anne Hathaway could have a chat with Miley!

So, what do you think Miley fans, should SNL bring back the Miley show? Share your thoughts in the comments.