BG5 Confess Their Crushes and ‘World Domination’ Plans

You probably know them from their arc on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but soon the ladies of BG5 hope you know them for smash hit songs and worldwide pop infamy. And while Kris Jenner dabbled as their manager, Brooke Adams, Noreen Juliano, Mandy Jiroux, Laura New and Dominique Domingo tell Celebuzz that they’ve got big goals ahead of them.

“We want to take over the world. We’re talking world domination,” Laura New said during an interview with the entire group.

That type of lofty goal is shared among the girls, who say the reason they think it’s so possible is because they’re all working towards the same endgame and that they’ve formed a bond that they vow to never break, success or not.

“We always say ‘Us until the end’. We all have the same end goal,” Brooke told Celebuzz. “It will always be us 5. We’re not going to swap someone out or change the lineup, so it’s us and that’s it.”

When the topic of dream collaborations popped up, it became more of a “who’s your crush” conversation. Dominique, Noreen and Laura all demanded Justin Timberlake (as per Noreen, he’s ” so sexy and suave, and ambitious and creative. It just makes so much sense, Justin Timberlake and BG5!”). Mandy – of Miley and Mandy fame – has more rocker preferences, blurting out: “Jared Leto, 30 Seconds to Mars… I’m in loooove!”

Brooke’s pick? “I’d die if we did something with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith.”

BG5 will be performing in New York City on Nov. 19 at Quo. For more info, click here.