Holly Montag Has a New Job!

Hills star Holly Montag has found a new source of income — and this time she doesn’t have to start drama to earn it!

The older sister of media magnet Heidi Montag is now working for Brand Link Communications. The former Hills party girl was escorting celebrities like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa VanderPump and Michelle Trachtenberg into the In Add Minus Store launch party November 18 in Los Angeles.

Holly was surrounded by publicists and event planners, but the reality star didn’t receive any special attention. Besides, there were bigger stars, like Matthew Morrison, to attend to.


The Montag-Egelhoff family has recently covered the headlines, speaking out about financial woes. Not only is Speidi broke, but so is the girls’ mom Darlene Egelhoff. Maybe Holly’s success will inspire her fame loving sister to go back to work.