The 10 Best Moments in 'Harry Potter' History (PHOTOS)

With the likely-record-shattering release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, Celebuzz invited Melissa Anelli – best-selling author of the Potter-engrossed book 'Harry, A History' and webmaster of the insanely popular Potter fansite The Leaky Cauldron – to look back on the series as it partially comes to an end.

There's no better expert out there than Melissa to take a step back and reflect on the wizardly world that has changed so many lives, so Celebuzz asked her to pick the 10 moments from the Potter films that were either the most important or just plain memorable to her.

Check out the gallery to see Melissa's Top 10 Moments in Harry Potter History. And if you're a true Potter-head, click here to buy Melissa's book, 'Harry, A History'!



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  • Ken McAndrew
    Ken McAndrew

    I agree the movie version gave it away, but for one major reason. If Snape was working for Voldemort, why did he tell Harry to be quiet before going up to kill Dumbledore, when he could' know...KILLED HARRY? Or captured him even. In the book Harry's under his invisibility cloak, so Snape never sees him and it's left ambiguous. Of course, the last book was out before this movie, so maybe it was a "eh, they know who's side he's on."

  • b_ella_14

    In the book he wasn't so... what's the word... drunk.

  • hellodolyllama

    My addition to the list would be the dragon task in the tournament, when Hermione sees Harry returning, flies out of her chair and screams. YYYYYYYYes! My second addition would be, essentially, Watson's entire performance in Hallows 1, from "Obliviate", to tying the scarf, to dancing sadly with Harry, to tormenting Ron as a Horcrux, to her priceless reaction shots to Ron's behavior, to the Forest of Dean, to the torture scene, to....well, you get the idea.

  • M

    US doesn´t´s called "E la pietra filosofale" in Italy for example and no one calls it that. It IS Philosopher´s Stone.

  • Jowanna Weasley
    Jowanna Weasley


  • luch

    that is my least favorite movie :s awesome book, but the movie was screwed up in so many important things

  • Dinorah López
    Dinorah López

    I din´t like him back then, but i did cried when voldie killed cedric haha.. Rob´s thing its not to have his hair all tidy, personally I think he looks better with his hair kind of messy.. that´s why for me he did´t look so handsome there.

  • dakota

    that was soo cool :) i can watch that part over and over and over again :)

  • dakota

    ^ me too! i agree with both the comments above me cause when he died rob wasnt in the next hp movies :(

  • RolandSlinger

    I thought the movie version of this scene gave far too much away and didn't do the book justice. The book had Dumbledore pinned by several death eaters and weakened by his experience in the cave. It describes him as "pleading" when he delivers the line to Snape, and it comes across like he's begging for help.

  • Mustaqim Juhana Wifesa
    Mustaqim Juhana Wifesa

    so amazing picture . i love harry potter , so love .

  • Helen Inman Sweet
    Helen Inman Sweet

    To me, the most breath-taking moment in the first film was Hagrid opens the brick wall behind the Leaky Cauldron, and Diagon Alley appeared for the first time, giving Harry his first glimpse of the wizarding world that was his birthright. To me, it has that classic feel of Dorothy opening the door of her black-and-white Kansas house and emerging into color-drenched Oz.

  • anon

    It's philosopher's stone not the Sorcerer's Stone - duh It's called the Sorcerer's Stone in the U.S. - duh

  • junkie

    so f*cking sad

  • junkie

    that was sort of like, I don't huge!

  • Holly-UK

    It's philosopher's stone not the Sorcerer's Stone - duh

  • edward151

    i cried so much when he died.....

  • barblicious

    i thought it was sad.. & i didnt want him to die

  • barblicious

    it was the best

  • sobriquet87

    Luna!!!! :D

  • sobriquet87

    Heck yeah! Loved it in the book. Loved it even more in the movie. Hermione is bada*s.

  • sobriquet87

    Awesome visual effects! It still impresses to this day.

  • sobriquet87

    Lmao! Hilarious acting from Dan. He's got great comedic timing.