The Evolution of Daniel Radcliffe (PHOTOS)

Daniel Radcliffe has come a long way since first being cast as "The Boy Who Lived" for 2001's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, gaining a vast fortune and securing lifelong fame in under a decade. His face is universally recognizable too, although it has changed a great deal since the early years.

Celebuzz is taking a nostalgic look back at Potter stars, this time compiling twenty-one photos of Daniel (because he's 21) since 2000 -- before the first Potter film came out -- to just this week. Click through to study the evolution of Daniel Radcliffe, and let us know what you think about his gradual change in the comments section.

Not a Potter person? Read our detailed Harry Potter Primer for a summary of the first six films.



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  • livesinafairytale

    I don't understand what you're saying.

  • livesinafairytale

    What would it matter if someone looked gay? But yeah, this probably was his best looking age.

  • kimcake

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  • Crazy Pixie Lady
    Crazy Pixie Lady

    BUT a sexy nerd with those eyebrows & blue eyes UGGGHHH just wanna rep off the eye area T_T

  • Crazy Pixie Lady
    Crazy Pixie Lady

    its just a bad shot ... hes sexy with the facial hiar

  • Crazy Pixie Lady
    Crazy Pixie Lady

    THANK GOD someone Agreed !!!!!!

  • Crazy Pixie Lady
    Crazy Pixie Lady

    THIS IS THEEEEEE SEXEST LOOK why the fuck he dont grow back his beard ...?? i just dont get it ... guys suposed to grow facial hair why shaving it WHYYY ? they look baby looking without it , well most of them .........

  • Crazy Pixie Lady
    Crazy Pixie Lady

    ohh sorry i meant the Therd movie i think hes best look in the forth movie with kinda long hair ...

  • Crazy Pixie Lady
    Crazy Pixie Lady

    True ,, it was on the fourth movie ... but Maaaaaan ! WHYYY tweezing the eyebrows ! i HATE when a guy does that ... just GAY looking :\

  • llissel

    I think this was he's best looking age lol

  • Marisa

    Umm. He is sexy as hell, I bet half of you saying he's not are guys who are jealous that girls aren't all over you, lmfao.

  • courtneybaaaby


  • valinor

    he looks so much better without the beard!

  • HCN

    HAHAHAHAH! Geezz this makes him look like he is about 35 hahahahaha.

  • HCN

    Lol. I can't remember ever seeing his hair like that. That's not the best hairstyle for him-but I love Daniel Radcliffe. He has done such a great job in Harry Potter :)

  • ME

    He's grown into a handsome, talented young man that I want to marry.

  • Sara

    Ilove him :DDD

  • Noelle

    Lol you guys are being retarded, ok so A: he's really hot and B: even if he wasnt i bet any girl would jump if he asked her on a date!! He's a MILLIONAIRE sweety i don't think anyone really cares about his looks. He's gorgeous, rich and British. What els could you ask for?

  • Sergey

    He looks just his typical British way. And he's not a dwarf. But unfortunately with each photo of the sequence he looks worse. Such a metamorphose one can notice in Western Europe: children look like angels and there parents - like ugly dwarfs. Don't ask me why - I don't know!

  • Kristina Marie David Alejandrino
    Kristina Marie David Alejandrino

    he's sooooo cute

  • Dinorah López
    Dinorah López

    well, what if he did seemed like an idiot, shut up, he´s just dwarf because the average is 1.80 or so,

  • jasmlypp

    He's a dwarf and in that scene dancing with Emma Watson, he looked like a idiot and i laught really hard. Besides, he's not even handsome.

  • dakota

    he looks like my science teacher here.. i like him more with just a little bit longer hair :)

  • sobriquet87

    So cute!!

  • Tiffany Harbidge
    Tiffany Harbidge


  • hahaha

    lol @ what peterpan said

  • peterpan

    He is not even remotely hot. He looks more like a gremlin than a halfway decent human being. at times in while looking at this gallery i thought i was looking at a homeless.

  • sobriquet87

    He just gets hotter and hotter! He is smoking hot in the scene in DH when he dances with Hermione.

  • sobriquet87

    He looks good in white!

  • sobriquet87

    He's SO cute!!!

  • sobriquet87

    Look at those baby blues. Sexy!


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