Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Get ‘Grease’-d With Erin Barry (VIDEO)

Well, this is a little awkward in retrospect, and not just because of the ill-considered wigs.

Erin Barry—wife of former San Antonio Spurs player Brent Barry—has made headlines this week as the woman who allegedly drove a wedge between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, who announced this week that they’re getting divorced after three years of marriage. (For the record, sources tell Celebuzz that, while friends, Parker and Barry are just friends.)

But back in simpler, more free-wheeling times—2009, to be exact—Barry co-starred with the now-estranged couple in a promotional video for the Spurs that spoofed the 1978 musical Grease. With Parker as Danny Zuko, Longoria in a blonde wig as demure wallflower Sandy D and Barry as the more wanton Rizzo, the trio tried their hand at the Grease classic “Summer Nights.”

Tell you more, tell you more, you say? Why bother, when the video speaks for itself? Check it out below: