7-Year-Old Raps Like Drake, Sings Like Rihanna

Justin Bieber’s changing voice has left the door wide open for a “little kid rapper” to emerge worthy of our ears. At less than half Bieber’s age, seven-year-old Matty B has answered the call with dead-on renditions of popular tunes like “Whip My Hair,” “Like a G6″ and “We R Who We R” that have brought his Youtube channel nearly two million views.

Matty B’s latest swaggerific re-creation “What’s My Name?” shows off those fortunate prepubescent skills, as he is able to rap both Drake’s verses and sing Rihanna’s dreamy chorus.

Watch the full music video here:  

Is Matty B destined for greatness? What do you think of this cover? Let us know in the comments section.

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