David Arquette Shares His Wild Weekend on Twitter (PHOTOS)

David Arquette sure isn't letting his marital troubles get in the way of a good time.

The Scream 4 actor, who's currently separated from wife Courteney Cox, ran amok through Miami this weekend, and he was kind enough to share his wild time with the world via a series of photos on his Twitter account.

So, what was the Big D up to? Oh, not much; just hanging out with bikini-clad cabana attendants and assorted little people, getting a tattoo of his grandfather on his arm and participating in, as he puts it, "a little gay dance part." (We're going to assume that should read "party"—hey, when a guy's having that much fun, sometimes there's no time to fully spell out words.)

Hit up the photo gallery to witness Arquette's weekend adventure. Do you want to party with this guy, or not? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Dolev Yaro
    Dolev Yaro

    [quote=Rebecca Bryan]Mid life crisis much? +1

  • KH

    how come he has facial hair in some pics and not in others? Blue shirt, white pants photos look like from an earlier time?

  • me

    I get a inkling hes trying to hard....and its still not working. Looser.

  • Rebecca Bryan
    Rebecca Bryan

    Mid life crisis much?

  • Jess

    Wow, this guy's weekend was SO wild. Getting mad STD's from Hookers, eating mad lunches with random dudes on couches, getting tatted up by old creepy zombie looking fools, and reliving his favorite scenes from Saturday Night Fever on a coffee table. One might say his weekend was CRAZY & WILD...OH MY.