Eva Longoria's Pals Say She's at Fault for Marriage Troubles, Too

Eva Longoria's Pals Say She's at Fault for Marriage Troubles, Too-photo

In the days since Eva Longoria filed for divorce from her husband, Tony Parker, most of the speculation has revolved around rumors of Parker's infidelity. But according to friends of the Desperate Housewives actress, she wasn't exactly blameless in the couple's marital woes.

PopEater tracked down several associates of the couple, who reveal that Longoria played a part in the marriage's discontent. According to the friends, distance presented a major obstacle in their relationship, with Longoria based in Los Angeles and San Antonio Spurs star Parker spending much of his time in Texas. And as time went on, Longoria was increasingly reluctant to do her part to bridge that gap. Says one friend of the couple's,

"Eva has been no angel, either. When they first got married, they both agreed to spend as much time with each other as possible. They knew it would be a challenge with them working in different states, but Eva's part-time taping schedule for Desperate Housewives and the resources they had meant it wouldn't be that hard."

As time went on, however, Longoria's commitment to traveling in order to spend time with Parker began to erode. Another pal reveals,

"[At first all] Eva wanted to do was be with Tony and build a life together, but things started to change as she got more and more sucked into the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle."

Eventually, says yet another source, Longoria began resorting to making excuses to stick around Los Angeles, a fact that Parker quickly picked up on:

"Tony understands how important Eva's career is to her and never wanted her to leave Los Angeles and settle with him in Texas. But then she would tell him that important meetings came up in Hollywood -- which meant she had to stay in LA -- and then he would see pictures of her and her friends out at restaurants and clubs. That's when he knew he couldn't compete."

Apparently, absence doesn't always make the hear grow fonder.

Who do you think is more to blame in the couple's split, Longoria or Parker? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • jenzkie

    They just seem too different for one another. Tony is a nice, shy guy in person if you get to know him. Everybody from San antonio is fond of the guy. He could care less about the fame. Eva on the other hand, seems high maintenance. If you guys check out their pics when they were still together, Parker dresses laidback and Eva goes all eyes on me, so yeah, bottomline looks and fame aren't everything when you're a wife, do all you can to spend time with your hubby or they will start looking for other girls that will care more about them.

  • cool kat
    cool kat

    Eva is just as much to blame as Tony for her marital woes. If they had taken their marriage more seriously, they would probably still be together. Some people do not realize that a marriage is like a job: you have to work on it every day.

  • syl c.
    syl c.

    I think Eva got jealous of Kim K. and wanted any excuse to dump Tony Parker in order to get her "single" status and start going out getting her photos taken with different men. Men that are more "Hollywood." Eva is a very shallow woman who is extremely jealous of Kim K's ascent into "Hollywood glamour goddess" when she thought that was her title and hers to keep. Sorry, Eva even dumping your husband and neglecting your marriage, you could never even come close to Kimmy K's beauty and star power. Your old and a has been, stick to trying to get part of Tony's 50 mil. contract with Spurs because your light is going out every day......nobody believes you are the "victim." Just like you are getting sued by your restaurant partners for scamming.....

  • Megan

    This is stupid. Even if this is true, it isn't her fault her husband cheated on her.

  • Holly

    I am I have been thinking about Tony for some time now, more since he signed the 5million contract. I think he pick up on my brain waves and now we will be togeather or aleast his money and me if I could only get to San Antonio, But I am afraid of the TSA agents at the airport. I guess I have to wait until the next one comes along. George Clooney give me a call I have been thinking of you isn't it about time you break up with Elisabeth. hwj