Lala Vasquez: My Favorite Holiday Memories

SPONSORED POST: We can’t believe it either, but the holidays are almost upon us. What better way to ring in the season than by finding out how some of our favorite celebrities celebrate this special time of the year.

Over the next few weeks, some of your favorite stars will be sharing their holiday memories. Next up, Lala Vasquez, TV host and bride of NBA player Carmelo Anthony, answered these nine questions about her holidays past and present.

CELEBUZZWhat was the best holiday gift you ever received?

VASQUEZ: The best holiday gift I ever received was my first credit card. It was the beginning of the end! LOL It did teach me responsibility though, even if I learned the hard way!

What was the best holiday gift you ever gave?

The best holiday gift I ever gave was when I brought my husband a huge massage chair. He’s had it for years and it’s still his favorite seat. After a game or a long day, you can find him lounging in his massage chair.

Tell us your favorite holiday memory.

My fave holiday memory was when my husband proposed to me. It was Christmas 2004. I was completely caught off guard. It’s a day I will never forget!

How do you keep in touch with family and friends over the holidays?

I keep in touch with friends and family over the holidays through email or phone. We send pictures, recipes, gift ideas to each other. Or we chat online.

Does your family have any fun holiday traditions?

Usually during the holidays we all get together and just relax. We cook, we become couch potatoes and watch TV and movies all day. We blast music. We just have fun being around each other, enjoying the moment.

What is your idea of a perfect holiday?

My idea of a perfect holiday is being with the people you care the most about. Family is so important. It’s bigger than any one gift you could receive.

What’s the most important thing about the holidays to you?

The most important thing about the holidays is being able to give to those that are less fortunate. Participating in toy drives, food drives, etc. I think spreading the love is most important.

Tell us your funniest/most embarrassing holiday memory?

Well, my funniest story is a Christmas I call “Lala Takes Over the Kitchen.” I tried all these new recipes, and needless to say it didn’t go so well! LOL. We ended up ordering take-out that year.

Out of anyone you know, who needs a Window Phone and why?

Out of everyone, I know my husband needs a Window Phone. He’s an electronics geek and I think this phone provides every single thing and feature he has ever used and will ever need all in one place. It’s a one-stop shop. Plus, he can brag to his friends that he had it first!

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