Olivia Wilde Talks Charity and ‘Tron’

Olivia Wilde isn’t your average Hollywood actress. Sure, she’s got stunning good looks and the talent to back it up, but she is all about giving back.

Celebuzz exclusively caught up with the TRON: Legacy star at an event held at Traditional Jewelers in Malibu supporting her organization Young Artist’s for Peace and Justice and her LA Confidential November cover.

Olivia has been working in Haiti for years and her organization has provided education and medial support for a number of Haitians. Olivia’s organization also recently opened the only free secondary school and said:

“Even after an earthquake, even after a hurricane, and even amidst devestating cholera, these kids were showing up to class, dressed in their uniforms, [perfectly dressed], sitting at their desks, and they were ready to learn. That kind of spirit is just incredible and inspiring to us and we’re there for them. We’re going to make sure they make it all the way through high school. It’s our way to contribute to the end of their suffering. We believe education is the sustainable way to help them.”

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Olivia also announced plans for YAPJ and Global Poverty Project to join forces for a college tour and will be visiting 100 campuses in 100 days:

“It’s our way of bringing the conversation about poverty to college kids around the states. We’re going to invite them to contribute to the end of poverty through funding education in Haiti and around the world.”

When Olivia isn’t busy making the world a better place, she is taking on the world of acting with sure-to-be blockbusters like next month’s TRON: Legacy and next summer’s Cowboys & Aliens. When asked about possible sequels Olivia said, “It all depends on the viewers, if people want it, we’ll do it.”

With an actress as beautiful and inspiring as her, we can’t imagine that they wouldn’t.

If you want to know more about YAPJ or how you can contribute head to their website.

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