Prince William and Kate Middleton: Wedding in April?

Though they just announced their engagement last week, England’s Prince William and his new fiancée Kate Middleton are already zeroing in on a wedding date—and it might be just a few short months away.

People magazine reports that William and Middleton, who began dating in 2003, are still consulting with all “relevant parties,” but are eyeing a late April wedding. According to a spokesman for the prince,

“There is a date they have in mind, and it’s a case of working it out with the relevant parties.”

The reason for the timing might be two-fold; first, the ceremony would take place after Lent and Easter, which Queen Elizabeth is faithful about observing, and also it would precede William’s beloved polo season. Should a late-April date not work out for all involved, there is reportedly a contingency plan in place.

Whatever date they settle on, Middleton will be quite busy with planning things between now and then. The prince’ spokesman notes, 

“She will have all sorts of preparations in the run-up to the wedding.”

Do you think a late April date gives them enough time to throw something together, or should they hold off until they’re sure everything’s in place? Share your thoughts in the comments section.