Taylor Swift's New Bangs: Yay or Nay?

Taylor Swift's New Bangs: Yay or Nay?-photo

Taylor Swift is as famous for her long curly hair as she is for her musical talent, but the sweet singer stunned everyone when she debuted a sleek new look at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

That's right, TSwift has joined the bang brigade and is now sporting sexy fringe. Do you think her hip new (possible) beau Jake Gyllenhaal had anything to do with the new hairstyle?

Taylor isn't the first star to ditch her signature hairstyle for trendy bangs – Snooki debuted her new bangs at the VMAs in September.

Which Taylor for you prefer: with bangs or without? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Gabriela Mota
    Gabriela Mota

    always good to try a new look, like the hair of Taylor, was wonderful with fringe, she's perfect anyway! Taylor you're beautiful!

  • brittany:)

    eww it is just not her why do you want to make her something she is not thats why the people loved her before because she looked how she want into not what was hot

  • taylor

    i think, that she reminds me too much of miley cyrus with her hair straight and her bangs cut. not me i think taylor swift and taylor laughtner should b toghether!

  • taylor

    i just think she's a barbie. hair. eyes. nose, mouth are barbie's ones !!!! me 2 it is creepy in a sort of way lol!

  • Mokele'emembe Uriahheep
    Mokele'emembe Uriahheep

    she looks so so gorgeous, i am a huge taylor swift fan even though i am in my 40's i know how to appreciate gorgeous women, i mean i know how to separate women that have the right to be called gorgeous and those who are wants to be or trying hard, taylor swift is a goddess of beauty.

  • Isabelle

    i reckon her "bang" (i'm from england, we say fringe) is a clip in. you can get those. cause if you think about it, she has a constant change. when she has it curly, it's almost down to her chin. and then when she has it straight she has it just above her eyebrows...it can't work, i've tried XD

  • brittni

    i think, that she reminds me too much of miley cyrus with her hair straight and her bangs cut.


    il f*cking bang her with curly hair too :)))

  • LouLou

    She looks more like an adult. She looks sophisticated, sexy and stylish. Very nice!

  • Circe

    Big improvement. She looked beautiful.

  • dafish11

    i actually dont think its a wig...but it looks good!

  • Lee

    Real Bad haircut! It now accentuates her big nose. Absolute mistake! Her hair should be pulled back.

  • JOn

    I like Taylor Swift with either hair-dos!

  • barblicious

    actually the wing makes her look lik her wax figure more

  • G

    I think she looks really pretty, BUT it prefer her wiht curly hair coz it shows her style and she just looks for country and pretty and innocent and i could go on forever, but once again i think curly suits her, her personality and her music way better

  • Gina

    It's a wig.

  • ?

    I'd bang her too :-D You're f*cking werid.

  • alice

    i just think she's a barbie. hair. eyes. nose, mouth are barbie's ones !!!!

  • dakota

    nay! i think she has to straigthen her hair everyday because otherwise it would look weird with her bang curled too... but maybe its gonna look okay idk.

  • t

    She looks fantastic! She looks like a completely different person. (Hannah Montana?)

  • HeyHeyTayTay

    I'd bang her too :-D