Adam Lambert Sparks Up on Stage (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert Sparks Up on Stage (VIDEO)-photo

When in Amsterdam, eh, Adam Lambert?

The American Idol favorite was literally smoking during his concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on Saturday, taking a few hearty puffs off of what looked suspiciously like a marijuana cigarette during his rendition of the Jimi Hendrix classic "Purple Haze." (Don't worry, though; weed is like, totally cool with the cops over there, and in fact might even be mandatory in some areas.)

At another point during the song, Lambo occupied his lips by laying a wet one on his guitarist Tommy Joe Ratliff after deliberately misinterpreting the "Purple Haze" line "'Scuze me while I kiss the sky" as "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy."

Check out Lambert's puff-puff, kiss-kiss performance below. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Desmond Meger
    Desmond Meger

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  • funbunn40

    Adam Lambert rocks my world, literally! I'm in shock and awe of this authentic rock star, pop star, theatrical star, super nova that lights up the universe! No one on this earth plane with his multi-faceted talent and capabilities. He can do it all perfectly. I hope the world will value and cherish this magnificent gift and give him back the love that he gives us!

  • JoJo

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  • ostart99

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  • Anja

    Adam is in character on stage. And he plays it to the hilt. I love him, love his vibe.

  • gg21

    lol love it

  • MC

    Lambert is a true rock star, on all levels...wanna-be's, take note... won't mention any wannabe names, 'cause Lambert is a live-and-let-live kinda guy and I'll go that same route here, but wannabes - you know who you are! So much jealousy in biz, they'll never compliment Lambert, only the older rockers who've make their mark, and their money, and who aren't threatened! Keep doin' what your doin' Adam... fresh, fun, sexy and vocals that I'm completely and hopelessly addicted to and at this point, pretty much can't live without. And yes, Adam is MY DRUG OF CHOICE too!

  • Justadancingfool

    Adam is my drug of choice!

  • kittie

    He is fascinating, gorgeous, creative, genuine, sexy-as-hell & is the Best Vocalist & Entertainer of the Century! I am totally in love with this man! :)



  • Debbie

    Ditto all the comments before mine. I just wish I would have been at that concert. Oh my...Adam is HOT, HOT, HOT. A male friend of mine keeps saying he wishes he could party with Adam. I do too !!!

  • Johnson family
    Johnson family

    Ditto everything so far said. There's nobody on the scene that can match Adam Lambert when it comes to talent, voice, wit, energy and just being the most gorgeous hunk to command the stage in years.. The GNT is the best concert we've ever seen and we've seen them all.

  • chica

    There haven't been more than a handful of TRUE male rock stars show up in the last 20-30 years but Adam is the real deal. The joint? Who cares? He was in Amsterdam! "When in Rome".... Adam is not only true to himself without apologies but he's extremely smart and business savvy as well. Thats a winning combination. He's going to be around a loooon time.

  • Sandee Lambert
    Sandee Lambert

    He smoked some purple haze !!!

  • Sandee Lambert
    Sandee Lambert

    He smoked some purple haze !!!

  • brian

    I wouldn't exactly classify Marijuana as a drug. It will be legal here in the states in about 10 years or less. Lawmakers are finally coming to their senses that it's not worth the millions the "spend" on criminalizing it versus the millions they could "make" on legalizing it. Alcohol is 10x more harmful than Maryjane

  • Abby N
    Abby N

    OMG I am so totally offended and - bwaahahaha, sorry, couldn't keep a straight face there! Love Adam, love that he is spontaneous and fun. SO wish I had been at this concert.

  • michaelj

    That's what we call him in Australia "Lambo". A radio station dj gave him the nickname when he came here and visited the station. The Dj's in Australia love Adam. They get a kick out of him.

  • adamfan

    Love Adam. He is true to who he is - a wonderfully talented, loving, funny, wild, sweet child of the 70s. Born too late? Maybe. But it sure makes living in 2010 better! He's a true performer. What vocals!!!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Does this mean that he's a tokin' gay? Hmm, something to ponder as I clean out the bong...

  • Judy

    Adam Lambert is SMOKIN HOT !!! His concert is a must see,his voice has to be heard live to be believed.He's the best thing that's happened to the music world in decades ! Rock on Adam !

  • Becky

    This is, pardon the pun, SMOKIN' HOT! What a throwback to classic rock bands of days gone by. He's got pipes, and balls of steel, and a 'who gives a fu*k, I'm gonna do what I want' attitude. And did I mention he can actually sing? The tokin' and kissin' don't bother me a bit. Rock on!

  • Angelraj

    Adam Lambert is REAL, and not just out to win a popularity contest. I respect him for that, his huge talent, and his humanity. On top of that, he knows how to entertain people and sing LIVE. What else do we need?

  • B

    Yeah,Dave true! Adam Lambert = THE*REAL*DEAL The best singer,performer and artist to grace the music scene in a looooong time!

  • MWins

    He's amazing.

  • x

    Eurythmics' Dave Stewart on the AMA's this week - bring back "sex and drugs and rock n roll" better than "botox, t**s and autotune." Lambert's got it all goin' on in this performance... cool dude

  • Jada

    He is honest real and intense. I forgot to mention his VOICE. What do you want from him ? LOVE ADAM !

  • bee

    LOVE IT!!!!!