Avril Lavigne Disses Harry Potter

Avril Lavigne Disses Harry Potter-photo

While it might seem like pretty much everyone in the world flocked to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 over the weekend, it's reasonably certain didn't take in the wizardly epic: Avril Lavigne.

The "Sk8er Boi " singer told E! Online at Sunday night's American Music Awards that she has no love for the widely cherished  movie series, admitting,

"You know what? I've never seen it and I don't want to. I don't think I've ever seen even one of them."

Perhaps understandable; after all, between sexing it up for Maxim magazine, going on lap-dance binges and reading the side of her boyfriend Brody Jenner's head, the gal's had a lot on her plate lately. 

Do you share Avril's disdain for the Harry Potter series, or do you think she's missing out? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Jessy

    Ok, she hasn't seen the movies but did she read the books actually? If not, she really should! After reading the BOOKS she won't be saying anything like "I don't want to see it" ever again! PS: HP is NOT for dorks and it's NOT stupid! It's genious and imaginative and intelligent! :)

  • Amelia

    any real harry potter fan knows that you cannot possibly understand the magnitude and genius of harry potter by just watching the movies. NO, WAY. I love avril lavigne, and I love harry potter tremendously. she just doesn't get it, lol. she has to pick up the books and read em and if she did she'd be hooked.

  • livetyler

    Gee wizz, it's clearly a case of Avril trying to seek attention by ' indirectly dissing ' one of the most successful book / film franchises in recent years. Sure, HP may not be everyone's cup of tea, but verbally disregarding it without any concrete substantiation does not make you any more of the punk you claim to be.

  • bigrob

    avril lavigne? is she even still relevent? harry potter is for dorks, ill grant that but did they have to get that comment from her while she was on break at KFC?

  • ash

    and "pathetic lil girl"? wtf?how old are you? she isn't a lil girl, she's a woman! get over!

  • lala

    U're stupid, u f*ckin kids get a f*ckin life and respect other's decisions! u fukcin virgins

  • dumb?

    What is funny is most people that are saying Harry Potter sucks haven't read the books. The movies aren't the same thing and a lot of people won't pick it up because everyone likes them. Overall the article should have never been written, no one cares what a celeb thinks about HP.

  • avril4life

    yeah why does everyone get all butt hurt when someone answers a question with an honest answer?

  • Britt

    Harry Potter sucks anyway. To me, the HP craze is the same as the Twilight craze -both series sucked and all of the films made sucked. Of course this is just my opinion.

  • John

    I'm not one of tose guys who die to see Harry Potter's movie. I don't like Harry Potter. Someone wrote this article for a reason, hate or love Avril and show the world that there are some excptions.

  • jocy

    She's stupid :P.

  • Mark

    I can't stand Harry Potter, but by having that personal opinion does not mean I am dissing Harry Potter, or that I have disdain for Harry Potter. Why in the world would anyone think I am dissing Harry Potter think I am dissing Harry Potter just because I don't like Harry Potter? This article is ridiculous and mean spirited and I don't like it one bit.

  • Kar

    I would say the author of this article is clearly dissing Avril and I don't respect the author of this article, the author of this article is being a bit a jackhole

  • Jim

    I personally have never seen Harry Potter and I don't care to either, so would you say that I am dissing Harry Potter? Please make it clear to me how Avril is even remotely dissing Harry Potter? The interviewer asked her a pretty silly question and she gave an honest answer. I respect her for being honest.

  • robert

    who cares what she thinks? pathetic little girl :D clearly the interviewer did and or he wouldn't have asked. Also her million's of fans might be intrested

  • mary

    who cares what she thinks? pathetic little girl :D