Dane Cook’s Shirtless Serenade for Taylor Swift (VIDEO)

Watch out Jake Gyllenhaal: Dane Cook has set his sights on Taylor Swift and he attempted to serenade the songbird on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night.

“I’m a huge fan of yours,” Dane told a pre-bang Taylor on last night’s show, “America’s Sweetheart right here everybody.” Dane then proceeded to take off his sweater to reveal a “tattoo” of Taylor’s face on his bare chest and began to sing a hilarious song for the “Fifteen” singer.

“Taylor Swift, you’re a gift, give me a lift, to your heart,” Dane sings.

Watch the video below.

Cook then got the audience to chant “We love you Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Swift” much to the adorable embarrassment of the 20-year-old celeb.

However, his song wasn’t all about Taylor, as he managed to work in a plug for his new comedy CD, I Did My Best, in the middle of the otherwise sweet tune.

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Photo source: NBC