‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is Doing a Musical Episode

Sounds like Grey’s Anatomy will be getting a little Glee-ful.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes reveals to TV Guide that the long-running medical drama will be filming a musical episode for later this season. According to Rhimes,

“We keep saying that Season 6 and 7 are seasons to try anything and everything that we’ve always wanted to do. I’ve wanted to do a musical episode since the first day we started shooting Season 1. Now, we’re in that place that we have the space to try it. Also, it’s a period of time in which I finally have the right idea and the right talent to make that happen.”

While Rhimes notes that the storyline is in its “very early stages,” she does reveal that the episode will be “a Callie-heavy story” (not surprising, since the character is played by Tony winner Sara Ramirez) and that fans will be pleasantly surprised by the vocal talents of the show’s cast:

“You will be very surprised to discover that some people sing quite well. That’s sort of a little gift to the fans, to discover that people who are not necessarily known for singing have pretty great voices. Also, some people won’t be singing because it doesn’t go with the story.”

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that a hospital-centered television show has burst into song; in 2007 Scrubs aired the lauded episode “My Musical”:

Which Grey’s Anatomy cast member are you most looking forward to hearing sing? And what songs would you like them to tackle? Let us know in the comments section.