Lindsay Lohan: No Thanksgiving Recess From Rehab

Sorry, Lindsay Lohan; there’ll be no turkey and stuffing for you on Thursday. At least, not outside the walls of the Betty Ford Center.

Despite earlier reports that the currently rehabbing starlet was hoping that she could get a pass to spend the holidays with her family, E! Online reports that there’ll be no Turkey Day family reunion for LiLo. According to a family source,

“As of now she’s not coming home. She’s not allowed to. But [her mother] Dina’s still trying to get her home.”

Alas, it appears that Mama Lo’s efforts to get her daughter home for the holidays have so far been fruitless. Lohan is currently sentenced to Betty Ford until January 3rd and, though she’s been granted occasional day passes as a reward for good behavior, she’s prohibited from leaving the state without the permission of a judge.

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