‘Mean Girls 2′ … Coming Straight to DVD (VIDEO)

Seven years and several Lindsay Lohan rehab trips after the first Mean Girls, the straight-to-DVD remake is upon us. Though not arriving until February 2011 (Happy Valentine’s Day!) the trailer is currently making its way around the interwebs, complete with a very healthy amount of footage from the beloved original, as if to remind us how much we loved it back in the day!

Though bullying is no longer acceptable, the new Mean Girls engage in their fair share of cafeteria cattiness, with Camp Rock’s Meaghan Martin replacing Lindsay in the role of new girl. Just don’t mistake Meaghan for Lindsay, as she told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview in September.

“She kind of fell off the edge, which is sad,” Martin said of Lohan. “I feel bad for her.”

Though now mature enough to play a substitute teacher or wise older sister, the remakers didn’t snag LiLo for a cameo, but look out for original Mean Girls principal Tim Meadows to pop up in the straight-to-video sequel.

Check out the trailer here and tell us in the comments – how do you think the new Mean Girls looks?