'Mean Girls 2' ... Coming Straight to DVD (VIDEO)

'Mean Girls 2' ... Coming Straight to DVD (VIDEO)-photo

Seven years and several Lindsay Lohan rehab trips after the first Mean Girls, the straight-to-DVD remake is upon us. Though not arriving until February 2011 (Happy Valentine's Day!) the trailer is currently making its way around the interwebs, complete with a very healthy amount of footage from the beloved original, as if to remind us how much we loved it back in the day!

Though bullying is no longer acceptable, the new Mean Girls engage in their fair share of cafeteria cattiness, with Camp Rock's Meaghan Martin replacing Lindsay in the role of new girl. Just don't mistake Meaghan for Lindsay, as she told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview in September.

"She kind of fell off the edge, which is sad," Martin said of Lohan. "I feel bad for her."

Though now mature enough to play a substitute teacher or wise older sister, the remakers didn't snag LiLo for a cameo, but look out for original Mean Girls principal Tim Meadows to pop up in the straight-to-video sequel.

Check out the trailer here and tell us in the comments - how do you think the new Mean Girls looks?



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  • :thumbs up :)
    :thumbs up :)

    At the end of the day ''Mean girls'' is about, Well its in the title mean girls. There are mean girls in every school and this is just showing you. I thought that ''Mean girls 22' Was just as good as mean girls 1, Although there was too many disney girls innit :L


    seems pretty lame...too many Disney girls..the mean girls don't even look mean, at least Rachel McAdams looked like she was a b*tch...and anti-plastic?..no one wants to see nice girls run the school! come on that's so Disney! i say BLAH!

  • Jaja Rivera
    Jaja Rivera

    wow they're all disney chicks! what the crap?! i wouldnt c it

  • forgetMEnot

    This looks like a bad Disney movie. They have just butchered everything that Tina Fey created.

  • Emma

    Honestly I don't think it's necessary to make a Mean Girls 2...Mean Girls is a classic movie and could never be remade.

  • G

    Meh! describe this movie perfectly, its like a disney movie to be honest and i totally just wasted my time watchting the trailer..i probably will watch it just to c, but i wont be happy about it, i looks like another cinderella story to me. why did they have to ruin it by making a second one

  • Aimee

    too many disney people. it is not even gonna come close to the orignal. they shouldnt of made it

  • besams

    looks silly ! they shouldn't have done another one , unless lindsay lohan is in it ,! but no one is like the original , failure sorry

  • vana


  • Eric

    I don't understand why the person who made this movie felt it was necessary to make it? I mean really, this just looks beyond stupid. Obviously the person who thought of the concept of this movie is out of their mind! Watching that trailer was a complete waste of my time! It just looks beyond stupid and it's insult to the first movie! Soooo freaking dumb!

  • dafish11

    NEVER EVER WILL IT BE THE ORIGINAL! THAT IS my friends...a classic!

  • sym135

    way too disneyish

  • Linna Silvaa'
    Linna Silvaa'

    MR DUVALL! is backk((:

  • Luvvvvv

    Looks like fun!

  • this sucks
    this sucks

    not the same as the actual mean girls, this just looks pathetic. this literally was a waste of 1:37 seconds of my life.