Mileystones: Miley Cyrus' Best Pre-18 Moments (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus celebrates her 18th birthday today, and what better way to usher her into official adulthood than with a look back at her greatest childhood moments?

From her sweet beginnings to her sometimes inappropriate moments, Celebuzz caught all of the most awesome Miley memories (or "Mileystones") for an ode to Miley's rise to teen fame. Here's to you Miley – may you deliver many more amazing Miley moments for years to come!

What is your favorite moment in Miley history? Click through to check out our gallery timeline and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • cassandra

    Miley Cyrus why do dress like that at a KIDS concert

  • cassandra

    miley cyrus why did you dress like that at a KIDS concert

  • lilkb

    How did that little girl become so messed up?? ikr she wass soo yung n nowhh she just a olderr women who forgoht were she came from

  • RealityCheck

    thats a terrible picture, she looks fat.

  • brooke

    shes so beautiful i love you i dont rlly care what any one says your the best but i wish i could meet you wenn ppl tlk about you i get rlly mad i dont belive the magazines either ily wish u good luck p.s you helped me alot in my years i have you all over my walls im 10 years old and i live in florida ima girl of course btw plzzzzzz stay famouse :'[ wen i watched your hanahmontana forever i almost cried ill miss you ily smiley miley lol

  • annaboby

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  • zahndra

    That's the thing though, even where talent is concerned, there are people who can sing and act better than she can. She should respect herself and show some class, at least for her fans' sake.

  • zahndra

    Coupled with those tiny shorts and her body language whilst she danced, it did look much to provocative for a 16 or 17 year old. Even she must have realized that.

  • zahndra

    How did that little girl become so messed up??

  • Shannon

    She didn't pole dance. The pole was only there to keep her stable while dancing

  • Sara

    nomether what she's still a great singer and actress and I love her...I'm smart enough that I don't start acting like her so she's allright 2 me...if u ask me she can wear nothing but still have great songs that mean something and great aditude, I would still like her

  • Sara

    this is where it all started... that sounds freaky lol

  • Emma

    She used to be cute and can go from being cute to beautiful and mature without being SKANKY.

  • Emma

    I remember seeing this and thinking that she looked amazing and mature...I mean she does but it just doesn't follow with the rest of her looks! Be consistent, Miley!

  • ostart99

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  • Becca_*Ox

    Miley is going to behaving more wild... Now that she is 18 and now "Legal". She was a good role model, but recently the scandals that surround Ms Cyrus are just disgusting, for example pole dancing at a popular music awards show last year. Personally I think it's time for Miley to move over, and make some room for, Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. I would much rather listen to them and watch them in films, because they are so much talented! Becca_*Ox

  • tamas rezmuves
    tamas rezmuves

    i love

  • Isabelle

    erm... celebuzz you've got half the dates wrong :') Bolt came out in 2009 XD

  • 321lolly


  • vana

    miley's new boytoy avan is balding

  • abi

    she looks too old in this dress and i;m a miley fan

  • Luis Eduardo Ferreira
    Luis Eduardo Ferreira

    Niley forever!!

  • dafish11

    her hair is a different color, different length almost like every month now. b4 it was like blondish and long really long then she cut it but kept the color 3 wks later its a different color but same length wowww her hair is going to be horrible when she get olderr.

  • Luis Eduardo Ferreira
    Luis Eduardo Ferreira

    coisa mais fofa da minha vida!!

  • dafish11

    idk like her outfit at all...very...swimsuit like

  • dafish11

    this is where it all started...

  • Andreea

    I love her. Happy bday Miles!

  • Logan

    Hey i hate it because i want miley to date liam hemsworth!!!!!!!!!! I hate u avan jogia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you hate Avan Jogia? He's gorgeous! Seperate opinions I guess.

  • Judith

    Hey i hate it because i want miley to date liam hemsworth!!!!!!!!!! I hate u avan jogia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kaushal singh
    kaushal singh

    wooooooooooooo miley looking veryyyyyyyy beautiful