Playboy’s Miss December Wants Fergie Nude, New Clothes for Bieber

Ashley Hobbs is finishing up 2010 with a major score: She’s Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for December (on newsstands now). The Hawaiian blonde beauty (from Oahu, to be specific) was kind enough to give Celebuzz a few minutes of her time to talk holidays, Justin Bieber and how if there’s one celebrity she’d love to see strip down for Playboy, who it would be. Also, in a case of truly valiant journalism, we put her to the ultimate test: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Check out our chat with Ashley below:

Which celebrities do you have a crush on or think are insanely hot, and why?

I think Georges St-Pierre is insanely hot because he’s an athlete in great shape, sports a speedo and has an even more insanely hot foreign accent.

You grew up in Hawaii. What’s the best movie involving surfing? Please say Point Break.

I would have to say the best surfing movie that also involves Hawaii would be hands down Blue Crush — hot women ripping it up on the surf.

What celebrity would you like to see go nude for Playboy?

I would actually love to see Fergie pose nude.

What’s getting the most spins on your iPod right now?

I think now with all the traveling, I am playing a lot of Dixie Chicks, Pink, and the Across the Universe soundtrack.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

That’s a tricky question… I have read all the books and have watched all the movies so books wise, I would be Team Edward, but movie-wise I would be Team Jacob because he’s hotter.

OK… on to the holidays. What would you buy Justin Bieber for Christmas?

I think I would buy Justin Beiber a new wardrobe because some clothes he wears are ridiculous… just being honest.

What celebrity would you love to invite over for Thanksgiving dinner?

I would invite Johnny Depp to my Thanksgiving dinner because he’s cute, seems easy to talk to and seems to be a very nice guy.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, what’s your go-to dish?

I would have to say that the whip up dish that I feel is easiest for me is my mom’s pumpkin pie after she gives me the recipe.

(Photos: Courtesy of Playboy)

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