Who is Avan Jogia, Miley’s Cozy Club Pal?

Birthday girl Miley Cyrus was recently spotted locked in a steamy embrace with rumored boyfriend Avan Jogia, but not much is known about Miley’s new possible squeeze.

So, who is Avan? Celebuzz put together a comprehensive guide to the rising teen star in order to help Miley fans learn more about her alleged new beau.

What is Avan’s claim to fame? Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, Avan got his first break in 2006 when he played Danny Araujo in A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. He hit the big time when he signed on for Nickelodeon’s hit show, Victorious earlier this year to play hot bad boy Beck.

Check out Avan in Victorious below.

What’s up with that name? Avan Tudor Jogia is of Indian and English decent, but his first name is actually Persian in origin. Avan means “waters” and might explain the actor’s big, watery eyes. As for Avan’s middle name, Tudor, his parents are probably just big fans of the British monarchy.

What are his interests? Judging by his Tumblr and Twitter accounts, Avan is a big fan of rock music, subtly bashing hipsters, eating burgers and James Franco’s performance in 127 Hours.

Who are his friends? Avan is very close (don’t worry, not in a romantic way) to his Victorious co-star, Victoria Justice.

Check out Victoria and Avan having a friendly staring competition below.

Is he right for Miley? Well, the two do share a lot of interests, even if they are a modern day TV-version of Romeo and Juliet (Avan is a Nickelodeon kid while Miley is a former Disney Channel star). Plus, they are now the same age (18) and both know how hard it is to be a teen star in Hollywood. Oh, and he is also pretty darn hot, so that doesn’t hurt his chances of getting along with Miley.

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