Michael Lohan: Lindsay Quit 'Inferno,' She Wasn't Fired

Michael Lohan: Lindsay Quit 'Inferno,' She Wasn't Fired-photo

Michael Lohan was on the warpath last night outside House of the Blues in West Hollywood, this time slamming the director of Linda Lovelace bio-pic Inferno Matthew Wilder. Lindsay Lohan's father claims Wilder was lying when he said he had fired Lilo from the lead role in the film.  

Celebuzz talked to Michael at the event to set the record straight, and he tells us "Lindsay left Inferno. Wilder can go shove it up his butt. She didn't want to do that movie. He's full of it. He was trying to ride our coattails."

Lohan's highly-anticipated starring role in Inferno had been in limbo after failing two drug tests and stints in jail and rehab, which caused shooting to be delayed. Last week, Wilder finally announced Malin Akerman would replace her, and claimed Lindsay was fired.

"She doesn't need to do a movie like that," Michael Lohan told Celebuzz. "Give me a break. Great thing to do for a girl that's going through recovery. Put her in a position to act in a position where she's a drug addict. Real genius, and he cares, right? Come on. Biggest hypocrite on the planet."

Then Michael threatened, "If he wants to say he fired my daughter or let her go, let him say it to my face." 

Watch the full interview here:

Calls to Wilder's office have not yet been returned.

Who do you believe? Was Lindsay fired from Inferno, or did she quit on her own? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • theevaluator

    Of course she got fired...the little tramp couldn't show up for work because she's too fuc*ed up all the time. The new girl will be better than that rat toothed skank anyway.

  • ostart99

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  • citrinegal

    "Great thing to do for a girl who's going through rehab..." FOR THE FOURTH TIME!!! And she's still not serious about it!! The ENTIRE Lohan family are bottom feeders. Their cash cow has fried her brain (yes, "Nicola Lohan Sebert, whoever the f you are, talent DOES disappear." The public is SICK, SICK, SICK of hearing about this ignorant whore. She'll be dead before she's 30. Haters??? We are not haters. We are people who simplly NO LONGER CARE what happens to these f--ed up people. I would be happy NEVER to see her name or photo again. What a slimy diseased slut!!

  • Ella

    I do not believe she quit. Why would a director lie??? He's would not gain anything from lying. I believe the director..

  • Nikola Lohan Sebert
    Nikola Lohan Sebert

    Fu*k off haters ! SHe quit it, she has money, don't spread mean and untrue rumors. If you don't like her, it's your problem. The other 1 500 000 people on twitter,do like her,and follow her, and yes, everybody cares what she's doing, so back off, haters. You are so f lame. Go hate someone else. Jer*s. And yeah, she got talent, she had it,and she has it now too. Talent can't just dissapear so easily. BYE.

  • TN29631

    Yeah she quit alright and I'm the Queen of England!

  • M

    Cry me a river, bitch. You didn't quit; no one wants to employ your whiny, bullsh*tting ass anymore. You're such an arrogant, despicable little slut.

  • wtf

    Seriously Michael - NOBODY even cares about her any more. Just let her get better and maybe you and your ex-wife can find real jobs instead of just living off of your children's misfortunes and suing people randomly. She needs to get healthy and then just live a quiet life. If you cared at all about your daughter, you would just shut up. But that won't happen and Dina will continue her rants. Its a wonder your other children aren't screwed up too. Its really too bad - Lindsay used to have some talent.................

  • Dan Murphy
    Dan Murphy

    Lindsay quit? I somehow doubt it... I mean, when was the last time she worked something that wasn't a corner?

  • Basketca

    Of course, Lindsay has no money and nobody wants to hire her, but she quits ?! Haha, are you serious? The Lohans are pathological liars.