Patti LaBelle and Brooke Shields Get a Bubbly Start to the Holidays (VIDEO)

Patti LaBelle and Brooke Shields Get a Bubbly Start to the Holidays (VIDEO)-photo

Patti LaBelle, Brooke Shields and a whole lotta bubbles—can you think of a better way to kick off the holiday season? Yeah, we didn't think so.

"On My Own" singer LaBelle and Lipstick Jungle actress Shields were just two of the celebrities on hand to add some sparkle to the Snowflake and Bubble Spectacular at Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York on Monday. The event was a treat for the eyes and ears, featuring a performance by LaBelle as a dramatic light show and bubble display combined to create a stunning visual effect that appeared to transform the appearance of the building itself.

Saks also commissioned the talents of 10 top designers, including Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Oscar de la Renta, to create create one-of-a-kind dresses for the event.

Check out video from Saks' Snowflake and Bubble Spectacular below:



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  • Wayne Martin Eby
    Wayne Martin Eby

    This was a surprising find that I did not expect, but I like it because it brings back some good Christmas memories. I like the snowflake and bubble idea. I think my daughter is on her way to being a celebrity of some sort, or at least an artist. When my wife and I were living around Philadelphia, PA, we would often get a good bit of snow, and I always enjoyed both shoveling and playing in it. Before Zoe (my daughter) was 1 or 2, we were walking in the middle of the street, with snow all around, and she was really enjoying her first snow. I think she was wondering what was all the white fluffy stuff that had transformed the appearance of the neighborhood. Just as if we were inside, getting ready for a nice warm bubblebath, she gave the most intriguing shout out, "Bubbles!" My wife thought this was one of the cutest and also funniest things she had heard. It is still one of our favorite memories from Zoe's first couple of years. It's great to be in the company of celebrities like Patti LaBelle and Brooke Shields. I also think that Saks Fifth Avenue is really on to something here. I remember times recently when what I most wanted was a white Christmas (not to be confused with a wide Christmas in which we get a few extra days off before going back to work, schoot. etc.) The magic of Christmas time in which the world appears in a new way, there are colorful lights around on the houses in the middle of the darkest time of year, during the cold of winter we are filled with so much warmth from good feelings, good traditions, and good food, there is a sense of community as people engage in shopping, singing, and other good activities, I believe these are the types of things that make this time of year seem so special and magical. Furthermore I also strongly agree with Saks Fifth Avenue about one of the strenghts of New York City (and more generally America, and the world) being our diversity. In some ways there is nothing more important. There is so much good to be found within the breadth of these cultural resources. It makes me very pleased to see this video posted. I wish everyone my best during this holiday season and year round. After all, the magic and wonder of our childhood and our memories can be found throughout the world around us, like manna or snow, but they can be found there throughout the year. Also, thanks for the artists who help everyone to see the world in a new way.

  • Cheryl Mciver
    Cheryl Mciver