Celebuzz’s Thanksgiving Movie Guide (VIDEO)

Overwhelmed with the wealth of movies opening on Thanksgiving Day? Don’t worry movie fans, Celebuzz has created a special Turkey Day guide to help guide you during the intense holiday movie season.

First up, Love and Other Drugs, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

The film is based on the non-fiction book, Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman by Jamie Reidy and stars Jake as Jamie, a charismatic traveling pharmaceutical salesman. Jamie’s life is turned upside down when he meets Anne’s character Maggie, who is battling Parkinson’s disease. The two turn a one-night-stand into a romantic love affair.

Check out the trailer below.

Mick LaSalle at the San Francisco Chronicle called the film “beautiful” and praises both Jake and Anne’s performances:

Until now, Anne Hathaway has been a good actress, a smart actress, an actress with potential and an actress with a future. With “Love and Other Drugs,” her future begins. She is remarkable and moving as a 26-year-old in the very early stages of Parkinson’s disease, who has decided to take control of her emotional life by allowing herself to become close to nobody. In that way, shallow Jamie is the ideal consort – amusing and good for sex and not much good for anything else.

Love and Other Drugs opens on Wednesday, November 24.

Next up, Burlesque, Christina Aguilera’s much-talked-about acting debut. The films stars Christina as Ali, a small-town girl with big dreams who travels to Los Angeles to launch her career. Ali gets a job as a cocktail waitress at a burlesque club where Cher’s diva character Tess reigns supreme. Ali struggled with Tess to get her chance in the spotlight and eventually becomes the star of the show.

Watch the trailer below.

Time magazine’s Mary Pols says that the fun, music-filled film is good, campy fun:

The movie is frivolous fun, but not, as I had sort of hoped, as sinfully awful as Showgirls, Mariah Carey’s Glitter or Britney SpearsCrossroads […] While it took my eyes an hour or so to recover from the chronic soft focus required to make the naturally vampy Aguilera look like an angelic Breck girl, Burlesque doesn’t have the kind of stunning bad taste that calls for the immediate invention of a drinking game built around it.

Burlesque hits theaters on Wednesday, November 24.

Tangled, Disney’s badass princess film featuring the voices of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi promises to bring some punch to the Disney princess franchise. The movie follows Rapunzel (Moore) as she tries to escape an isolated tower where she has been locked up in by an evil witch.

Check out the trailer below.

Joe Neumaier at The New York Daily News praises Disney’s latest film as a triumph for the kid-friendly studio:

Disney’s Tangled is about life’s journeys, not its destinations — and that makes all the difference. A Rapunzel retelling could have become just a retread of the studio’s past princess tales, but this genuinely charming, chintz-free story does something new: It takes the time to chill out, as its heroine might say.

Tangled leaves its tower and opens in movie theaters on Wednesday, November 24.

Which Thanksgiving film are you planning on seeing this weekend? Share your thoughts below!