Celebs and the Old Game of Young Roles (PHOTOS)

As if Hollywood doesn’t have enough drama already, reports keep coming in over one hotly debated matter in particular. The problem? Organizations such as The Screen Actors Guild and The Writers Guild of America West are demanding that popular movie site, IMDB, remove all birth dates from actors’ bios.

Their argument is that the disclosure of an actor’s age will limit the roles he or she will be able to play, and potentially lead to age discrimination during casting. Actors require the ability to portray characters that are both older and younger — usually younger — to make a living, and who is IMDB to deny them of their livelihood? IMDB responded, declaring that they’re “committed to being the most comprehensive source of film, TV and celebrity information.” Meaning: they ain’t changing nothing.

Celebuzz did some digging around and came up with a gallery of the most egregious instances of actors playing characters way out of their age range. Take a look and let us know which side of the debate you fall on in the comments.