Demi Lovato’s Thanksgiving Message (VIDEO)

How was teen star Demi Lovato able to make a Thanksgiving message for her fans while she was in an inpatient rehab center? It’s all thanks to the magic of pre-recorded video.

Demi fans were befuddled on Thanksgiving when members of her official fan club received a sweet message wishing everyone a happy Turkey Day. Despite some confusion, the Thanksgiving message was pre-recorded several months ago. The tell-tale sign? Demi’s highlighted hair, a look she sported a few months ago but dyed dark brown by the time she went to a treatment center in October.

Watch the video below.

“Hey Demi Lovato Fan Club, just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving,” Demi tells her fans in the video, “I’m very, very thankful for all of you and I appreciate all the support you guys give me.”

Demi has been staying at an undisclosed inpatient rehab center since Halloween weekend when she abruptly quit her South American tour with the Jonas Brothers after she allegedly got into a fight with a back-up dancer.

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