Is Eva Longoria Adopting Without Tony?

Is Eva Longoria Adopting Without Tony?-photo

UPDATE: A source close to Longoria tells People magazine that rumors about the Desperate Housewives star planning to adopt a baby from Haiti are "not true."

Will Eva Longoria be the next single female celebrity to adopt a child?

British newspaper the Daily Mail reports that the 35-year-old Desperate Housewives beauty, who earlier this month filed for divorce from her husband of three years, basketball star Tony Parker, will go forward with her plans to adopt a child, quite possibly from Haiti. According to a source,

"Eva had her heart set on adopting a child from Haiti. She so wants to be a mother. She wanted to adopt with Tony, but she’s happy to go ahead as a single parent and is very excited after what’s been a dark period."

Longoria is said to have developed a growing interest in Haiti since engaging in fundraising efforts for the island following its devastating earthquake in January.

If Longoria—who filed for divorce from Parker on November 17 amid accusations of infidelity on his part—does indeed go forward with the adoption, she'll be in good company, In recent years, both Madonna and Sandra Bullock have adopted children following breakups with their spouses.



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  • sugardaisy

    Oh barf, give me a break. Somebody is looking for attention a la Sandra Bullock.

  • MommaMeme

    It would be really nice to see someone, somewhere, though I guess especially in Hollyweird, to take marriage seriously. When they marry, to they LISTEN to the vows? Few heed them, that's for sure. I wish Eva the best. Being cheated on is hard to cope with, I know. I've also been through a divorce and though I am remarried and the divorce was 24 years ago, I still feel the pain of it every day of my life and I wish I could turn the clock back. Eva is going through that now and I don't envy her, she has my prayers. It takes 2 to make or break a marriage, but there is NO excuse ever for cheating.

  • Carlos A Vallarino C
    Carlos A Vallarino C

    Have heard rumors that Alejandro Fernandez wants to date her. It's better LA RAZA than to do a Kardashian. He dicho.