Just Released: Justin Bieber’s “Pray” Music Video

Justin Bieber is having trouble falling asleep at night, and it’s not because some girl broke his heart. Even though Bieber has only existed on this planet for a mere 16 years, his new music video for “Pray” displays a great deal maturity and compassion for the desitute.

The video follows Bieber bringing joy to hospital patients while splicing in images of people struggling with the economic recession, the earthquake in Haiti, and ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s a complicated world out there, and the young Canadian is making sure we don’t forget it.

Oh, and the video also contains some concert footage of Bieber floating above the crowd in some sort of heart-shaped contraption, because, hey, he still is a pop star and the ladies sure do love him.

The track comes from Bieber’s new album, “My Worlds Acoustic.”

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