Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian Quitting Twitter for Charity

Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian Quitting Twitter for Charity-photo

Lady Gaga is quitting Twitter, but not to worry, her hiatus could be a brief one if just a few of her 7 million followers open up their wallets and donate to a good cause.

Called to action by Alicia Keys and her Keep a Child Alive charity, Gaga, the Kardashian sisters, Justin Timberlake and other A-list celebs will quit Twitter and ditch Facebook this Wednesday December 1 in honor of World AIDS Day, returning only after text donations to Keep a Child Alive reach the $1 million mark. This dreaded yet very worthy social media-free time, dubbed the Digital Life Sacrifice, aims to provide medical assistance to families affected by AIDS in Africa and India.

Kim Kardashian is taking the do-gooding day so seriously, she's even posing in a coffin for the cause.

If a day without Gaga's Twitter musings is making you feel bored and restless already, prepare to donate. If just a seventh of Gaga's followers donate one dollar to Keep a Child Alive, Mother Monster and friends will be back on Twitter in no time! Let's get the bets going - how long do you think Gaga's Twitter hiatus will last? Break it down in the comments.



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  • Makingyathink

    And this is going to affect my life I'm surprised that Ashton Kutcnher (or however you spell his name isn't involved) oh, wait, doesn't one need to have a life in order to be declared dead?. My bad.

  • tallicarules

    [quote=f*ck lady caca]lady f*ck face is a waste of a air/person/soul including her followers bunch of f*cking lames.... idiots DON'T HOLD BACK...TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL...

  • bikiniclad

    Good idea for the twitter addicted. But it doesnt really effect the people who could care less about it

  • hobo-conobo

    Ive been done with social networks for a while now, and really hate that I see article ads like this one and still feel like I should read them, mostly anymore I know they will give me a good laugh, All these celebs can fall off a bridge and disappear for all I care, I cant stand watching movies anymore - its all become the same formula and unfortunately the outcome is usually garbage, sometimes with more odor than normal. Lady gaga is breeding tax dollar loving lazy ass people, I haven't met a gaga fan that seems to be a possitive addition to society. Kim K - well we all know where her fame come from and I dont look for hoes to give me knowledge, JT well...dude hasn't been relevant in the midwest since the first solo album...... Just wish people had enough sense to color with their own crayons and stop worshipping these leeches ****cough celebs.. And we could probably keep the children alive if we invested money in educating the weak that birthed them.... just a suggestion

  • Don

    I love Kim Kardashian, but an A List Celebrity she is NOT

  • Don

    I love Kim K, but an A list celeb she is NOT

  • fuck lady caca
    fuck lady caca

    lady f*ck face is a waste of a air/person/soul including her followers bunch of f*cking lames.... idiots

  • mark

    Lady Gagg sucks anyway........ boycott time!

  • bradenton florida
    bradenton florida

    how dare these greedy pigs hold their fans hostage! i will boycott them all now........ deleted from my friends list also.

  • Laugh Laugh
    Laugh Laugh

    - imagine hysterical comment here -

  • ass

    holy sh*t, i honestly don't know how i am going to survive...