Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian Quitting Twitter for Charity

Lady Gaga is quitting Twitter, but not to worry, her hiatus could be a brief one if just a few of her 7 million followers open up their wallets and donate to a good cause.

Called to action by Alicia Keys and her Keep a Child Alive charity, Gaga, the Kardashian sisters, Justin Timberlake and other A-list celebs will quit Twitter and ditch Facebook this Wednesday December 1 in honor of World AIDS Day, returning only after text donations to Keep a Child Alive reach the $1 million mark. This dreaded yet very worthy social media-free time, dubbed the Digital Life Sacrifice, aims to provide medical assistance to families affected by AIDS in Africa and India.

Kim Kardashian is taking the do-gooding day so seriously, she’s even posing in a coffin for the cause.

If a day without Gaga’s Twitter musings is making you feel bored and restless already, prepare to donate. If just a seventh of Gaga’s followers donate one dollar to Keep a Child Alive, Mother Monster and friends will be back on Twitter in no time! Let’s get the bets going – how long do you think Gaga’s Twitter hiatus will last? Break it down in the comments.