MCR Frontman Rips Miley Cyrus, ‘Jersey Shore’

My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way is finding out exactly how easy it is to get millions of pop culture fans in a tizzy: Insult Miley Cyrus and Jersey Shore in the same interview.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Way – who is promoting the release of his band’s new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys  – Way is asked about his home state of New Jersey, and how he feels about the phenomenon that is Jersey Shore. Way says he initially found the show “endearing,” but then opens up the attack.

I realized all they do is fight each other–not even other people anymore, I guess because they’re all famous now and might get sued. Towards the end, the show started to get foul. The Situation got real weird with these sad, really gross characteristics, so I fell out almost as easily as I fell in. But If you go the Jersey shore, it really is like that. You’ll get your fucking nose broken. I knew guys just like that. My wife loves the show so I’d watch it with her, but there were some nights when I was, like, OK, I’m gonna go hang out on Ebay.

When pressed shortly after in the interview about how Kanye West would likely block MCR from snagging the top spot on the Billboard charts, the conversation goes in an unexpected direction. Way says that Miley Cyrus stole the number one spot from them the last time, venting:

I think it’s almost in the cards for us to be number 2.  We’ve never been number 1. We got our ass kicked by Miley Cyrus last time, back when nobody knew who she was … I felt like we’d worked towards it and it felt like it was in the cards. We expected it–like, who can beat us? A lip syncing child, that’s who.

So what current pop culture staple doesn’t get Way riled up? Glee, which he says “would be funny” if there were ever an MCR episode.