Miley Cyrus Says 'Peace' to the Paps (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus was clearly enjoying her new life as a full-fledged adult when she was spotted smiling outside of a friend's home in Toluca Lake, California.

Wearing a slouchy gray t-shirt, blue skinny jeans and Nashville-appropriate black cowboy boots, Miley flashed a peace sign and a pair of thumbs at the paparazzi. Miley has good reasons for being in good spirits: She turned 18 last Tuesday and she is currently enjoying the company of dreamy Victorious star Avan Jogia.

Does Miley seem more grown up to you now that she is officially an adult? Check out more photos and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Suelynn

    I wish the tabloids would leave Miley alone. She is a beautiful talented young woman and apparently too many people are jealous of her and her many talents. I love you Miley and wish you would go back to singing Country Music, you're a very good country singer. But, I still love you no matter what.

  • george

    miley i think you are very beautiful and i wank over you all the time

  • sophia

    i love her sooo much!!! she's pretty awesome got great style n i loveeeee her shows all of dem love it i dont care what nebody say i love her n i aint afraid 2 say it!!! : ) n btw im not a lesbian i jus love her

  • sophia

    i <3 herrrr!!!! so much omg shes so beautiful i love her episodes of hannah montana ppl say bad tings bout her n i dont give a f%*k!!! i jus love her so much

  • misskristimusic

    her clothes are my obsession :D:D:D

  • bevzsostupid

    she's so beautiful

  • Jasmine

    u r soooooooooo pretty Miley but im not a lesbo

  • Marah Rigon Cepeda
    Marah Rigon Cepeda

    this is the miley i used to like! me neither...:(((

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina

  • Ana Carolina Amaral
    Ana Carolina Amaral

    I love she so much. The brasilian girl @ana_amaral93

  • rockywp


  • sMiLey23

    finally our Miley is back!!!

  • Erika

    You Look Pretttyy(:

  • babooda

    I don't think Miley Cyrus,the person has changed very much at all over the past few years. I think that Miley Cyrus, the stage persona, has tried very hard to divorce herself from the Hannah Montana image and become a product that will appeal to a more adult audience. I think that in her quest to do so, she may have gone overboard in some instances. However,I think the real Miley is still a very sweet,down to earth,hard working person, who genuinely likes people.

  • ketchup

    She look pretty,and people should't ask 2 much in her,we don't have right 2 do that

  • Warren

    I don't see that Miley has changed that much. She was always beautiful and sexy. And she seems like a nice person that is fun to be with. I will always love Miley.

  • Kayla

    Miley is so pretty!

  • bikiniclad

    Yeah where has she been?

  • dakota

    this is the miley i used to like!