New ‘Faithful’ Mariah Carey Christmas Tune (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey’s new music video “O Come All Ye Faithful/ Hallelujah Chorus” off her new album Merry Christmas II You is stuffed with holiday home videos new and old, making it very much in the spirit of her “All I Want for Christmas Is You” video.  

Mariah’s mother Patricia Carey even joined in the festivities this time, as she, Mariah and fiance Nick Cannon all gathered ’round the tree to flip through scrap books and revel in the holiday spirit.

Of course, Mariah’s voice has never sounded more fluid and distinct, pregnant or not. Watch and listen to Mariah’s version of the Christmas classic here:

And since they go hand in hand, why not watch “All I Want for Christmas Is You”?

Has Mariah Carey succeeded in putting you in the Christmas spirit? Share your holiday joy in the comments section!