Anne Hathaway: Hosting Oscars Will Be Nerve-Wracking

Now that the cat is out of the bag about Anne Hathaway and James Franco co-hosting next year’s Oscars, Anne is busy dealing with the pressure of helming one of Hollywood’s biggest nights.

“I’m convinced it will be a [nerve-wracking experience],” Anne told The New York Post outside the Gotham Awards on Monday night.

As for why she chose to accept the master-of-ceremonies gig, Anne seemed to go with her gut: “I don’t really have a great reason … I like a challenge. It seems like an incredibly cool and exhilarating thing to do.”

Both James and Anne have enough talent (and comedic chops) to make the 83rd Annual Academy Awards an interesting night. James has played everything from goofy drug dealers to Spider-Man’s nemesis and Anne has taken on a variety of challenging roles over her impressive career.

Co-hosting is nothing new at the Oscars and Anne is in good company when it comes to past female Oscars hosts. Roaslind Russell was the first female actress to be listed as a co-host at the 1958 Academy Awards and Ellen DeGeneres and Whoopi Goldberg have both hosted in the past.

While Anne and James’ selection might have left a few older Oscar fans scratching their heads, the pair is hardly the oddest hosting choice for the Oscars: the animated Donald Duck co-hosted the Academy Awards in 1957. (Apparently, Mickey Mouse wasn’t available.)

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