Justin Timberlake ‘In With a Shot’ For Oscar

With Hollywood awards season creeping up on us, the New York Post reported earlier this week that Justin Timberlake was “mounting an aggressive campaign to land himself a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role in The Social Network.

This news was surely met with a few scoffs from JT doubters, who, even if they routinely rock out to “SexyBack,” were dubious about Grammy-winner Justin’s chances at snagging even a nomination for Oscar gold. The message today to reluctant film fans is – don’t count him out.

“I think Timberlake is definitely in with a shot,” Rob Licuria, Senior Editor at the awards blog Goldderby.com tells Celebuzz. “If the voters take to The Social Network en masse, then Timberlake is poised to join Andrew Garfield in the Supporting Actor race.”

While the Post paints Justin as “hell-bent” on getting a coveted nod, a status promotion for even the most seasoned actors, the singer-turned-thespian laughed off PopEater’s campaign to score Justin a nod for his portrayal of Napster creator and party boy Sean Parker.

“That’s very kind. I hope that you saw the movie before you did that,” he said, stammering. “I think you guys should campaign for Andrew and Jesse.”

While Garfield and Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg certainly seem like safer bets on nomination day, Timberlake’s reputation as a lovable and hard-working showman could ingratiate him with Oscar voters before the nominations are announced on January 25.

“The voters will vote for who they like and respect,” Licuria told Celebuzz. “If Timberlake impresses enough of them, he’ll be the big news on the morning of the nominations announcement.”

With Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting, a nod for the hot young JT couldn’t hurt Oscar ratings either.  If Justin does somehow nail down a spot in the Supporting Actor crop, Licuria predicts “the Academy will promote his nomination to death to capitalize on his youth appeal.”

Should Justin be nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Social Network?