Katy Perry & Seven Other Women John Mayer Reportedly Seduced (PHOTOS)

It's no secret that John Mayer has hooked up with a bevy of beautiful female stars, and now reports are coming in that Katy Perry once fell prey to his powers of seduction.

According to E! Online, Katy and John briefly dated right before Katy met her future husband Russell Brand at the 2009 VMAs. While the two didn't last, John has never had a problem dating beautiful women, even if it is only for a few days.

Want to know who John has hooked up with? Check out Celebuzz's gallery of John's (rumored and confirmed) babes and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • honeybunn

    And john mayer was 10 or more years older than taylor smith. so the problem was John was too old for taylor swift.

  • sabinerawr

    I don't get it, Jennifer Aniston is freaking 20 years older than Taylor Swift?

  • Brenda

    Yet again, another terrible historian. I'm so sick of this misinformation being repeated, especially since John, himself, stated on Vh1 Storytellers earlier this year that the song was about his first girlfriend when he was 14. Plus, it was on Room For Squares, his first album released in 2001 - before they even met.