Mariah Carey on Thanksgiving, Christmas plans, pregnancy and more

The very pregnant Mariah Carey sits down with Extra where she dishes on who cooked the best Thanksgiving meal, her winter white Christmas plans and latest pregnancy cravings. 

Carey who is expecting with her first child with husband Nick Cannon remains hush-hush on the latest rumors that she’s expecting twins but was very opened about her food cravings and swelling in her fingers:

My fingers are obviously, right now, swell a little bit. I can’t even get this ring off if I tried. I’d have to cut it off…[and] I don’t know what it is but I’m just about fruit.

I guess she wasn’t eating a bowl of ice cream with a pickle in hand over Thanksgiving weekend. In fact, Carey proclaimed that she cooked the best food on the table:

What I cooked was the best thing of the holiday, I’m sorry but it was. I cooked mashed potatoes, I cooked corn. 

She also opened up on having to cancel her annual plans to Aspen for Christmas but where ever she goes must be white and festive:

I can’t go there this year because of the altitude for me. Figuring it out, looking at different’s got to be snowing…I need snow.

Luckily, Carey has a few more weeks to pick the perfect place to spend Christmas at. Watch the rest of the interview below where she talks about wearing heels while pregnant, her jewelry line and more. 

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