Reese Witherspoon Stuns in Glamour

Reese Witherspoon is owning her sexiness in her 30s, and the How Do You Know blonde stunner is showing and telling all about it in the January issue of Glamour magazine (on newsstands Dec. 7). Sporting some gorgeous red get-ups for the photo shoot, Reese opens up about her divorce from Ryan Phillippe, how dating current boyfriend (and non-actor) Jim Toth is a relief, and what she’d recommend for anyone going through a divorce.

Interview Highlights:

Advice for divorcing couples: “I always say that it’s very important not  to blame one person.  You have to own what- ever part of it you’re responsible for. It takes  a lot of soul-searching.  It’s important to go through that, because hopefully you won’t repeat yourself.”

On Feeling Sexier Post-30: “I was always, as a younger actress, very conscious of not wanting to act sexy. I didn’t see myself like that. But I think as a woman, you get older, you feel more confident in your sexuality. You’re not as intimidated by it, not as embarrassed by it. Sexuality and femininity is an accumulation of age and wisdom and comfort in your own skin. I feel better—so much better now than I ever  did in my twenties. I am calmer; I know who I  am. And as a result, I feel much sexier. “When somebody says, ‘You look hot in that movie,’ I always respond, ‘But was I funny?’”

Learning from Divorce: “I’m a very, very optimistic person, and I feel very lucky to have the chance to try again, you know?”

Dating non-celeb Jim Toth after dating several actors: “I have a little perspective on this. I wouldn’t say it’s easier. Every relationship has its own dynamic. And I don’t want to disparage any of the other relationships that I’ve had that were meaningful and wonderful. But what I’m finding out is that it’s very comfortable to be with somebody who understands my career, but doesn’t do what I do. He’s a great guy. He’s wonderful.”

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