Susan Boyle Chokes on 'The View' (VIDEO)

Susan Boyle Chokes on 'The View' (VIDEO)-photo

Cat got your tongue, Susan Boyle?

Scottish songbird Boyle's impeccable record as a thoroughly spellbinding performer took a devastating blow on her performance on The View on Tuesday morning, as she attempted to promote her new album, The Gift, with a rendition of "O Holy Night."

Apparently afflicted by a plague of frogs in her throat, the former Britain's Got Talent contestant stumbled on the lyrics, vainly signaling for the music to stop before Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg mercifully stepped in to bring a premature end to the performance.

According to Entertainment Weekly, SuBo got a do-over for the show's West Coast feed, as producers allowed her to re-tape the performance, but you can check out Boyle's rare moment of weakness in the video below.

Do you think Boyle can recover from this fall from grace? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Best Man Weddingspeeches
    Best Man Weddingspeeches

    Valuable information. Lucky me I found your website by chance, and I am shocked why this coincidence did not came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  • kfoley7

    It's refreshing to read so many responses that are positive. This was certainly no "fall from grace".

  • Tom Sjoberg
    Tom Sjoberg

    As a musician and singer, I know how it is to not be at your game. She is a professional and everyone has an off day. Knock off the literary nonesense of her "Fall from Grace" BS. This woman is one of the finest singers today.

  • fritz

    looked great you've got to be kidding LOL she could scare the meanest pit bull dog

  • sher

    She is a great singer and is human. I think she did a great job even with the frog in her throat. Hey, it happens. :)

  • Paul

    I once saw Bruce Springsteen screw up in concert so bad he had to refer to his music sheet to remember his own lyrics - jees, cut her a brake !!!

  • nicole

    She sings so beautifully! :)

  • Breathe

    I think the smoke rising up from the floor not only distracted her...but she may have had an allergic reaction to it. I know it would most certainly bother me...

  • Mercy

    She is a beautiful singer. She just lost her train of thought. I think she responded very gracefully.

  • Patricia

    Having been a singer for more years than I care to say, vocal problems happen. When they do, the singer can get distracted and haveother problems, such as with lyrics. Can't you folks have some compassion, especially at this time of giving and loving? The human voice isn't like a man-made instrument. At times it will fail for any number of reasons Susan Boyle will go on and on to have a wonderful career Let's stand up for Susan, send her white light and prayers, and applaud her efforts to keep her commitment to perform. Happy Holidays!. .

  • June

    Fall from grace? Please! Muccus clogged up her throat and she had to stop. Big deal. She looked very nice during her performance but I noticed you picked the worse picture you could find to post for viewers. She is an amazing women who has a God given talent and has overcome more than most of us ever could. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • page403

    For goodness sake when did a single slip up become "falling from grace". Susan is the girl next door who became a world wonder overnight. She is not a long experienced, professional singer that has been preforming a dozen years. Considering her sheltered background she is remarkable! I along with millions think she is majic.

  • love Susan
    love Susan

    breathing in that crazy fog certainly can affect your breathing ability and your voice, causing a choking sensation... I have read of other entertainers complaining about it.

  • Gina

    Love her even more after continuing to show herself as a normal person with extraordinary talent! From the story, I thought it was gonna be painful to the contrary, she was ever so graceful. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE HER!!

  • stefanie

    I agree, the author of this article needs to get a grip. She made one tiny mistake, I'd hardly call that a fall from grace.

  • Anne Montgomery
    Anne Montgomery

    Susan didn't fall from grace. Instead she had a remarkable preformance when she preformed at Rockefeller Center last night. Her voice was amazing, beautiful and strong. She looked great too!

  • iluvamc

    Seriously? It must be an extremely slow news day. Susan Boyle is here to stay and we all get colds. Big deal. There is nothing to recover from!!!!!

  • teddy1941

    Fall from grace? Never happen with a voice from God!

  • PhoenixXx

    That's just crazy, anyone who truly sings live will run into a problem at some point. Especially if they have a cold and still try to tough it out! If you want flawless 100% of the time, stick to the lip syncers out there.

  • cjnsmom

    Try singing when you have a cold. You can't!! She was doing good until her throat was overcome with mucus which you can hear happen. I don't think she forgot the lyrics. Susan Boyle on a bad day is still better than the majority.

  • Meaghan

    "Fall from grace".....are you serious?!?! She messed up. It happens. I highly doubt this one time of forgetting lyrics is going to be the end of her career. Another example of someone trying to make a story out of something that's not even that big of a deal.

  • marahnatha

    Even the greatest musical talents can't fight the laws of physics. Too bad they didn't show the second version. I like Susan Boyle. I hope she stays a real person & doesn't succomb to the phony "star maker machine," as Joni Mitchell calls it.

  • Meme

    To whoever wrote this article asking if Susan Boyle will recover from this "fall from grace": Oh please grow up! The woman has a touch of a cold and it gave her a 'frog' in her throat. Recover from it? From what? She had throat trouble and you want to degrade her. I would hope once her cold is gone she's good as new. A mountain out of a molehill with some of you people! Diane is 100% right! Try to sing one tenth as well as she. You CAN'T!

  • Diane

    Susan Boyle has done wonderfully. Everyone gets a few do-overs during our careers :) What a change is her appearance and seemingly in her self esteem. Hopefully this little bitty stumble will not affect her at all. If I should only sing one tenth as well as she!!

  • riri fan
    riri fan

    of course, she is human and has bad days.