Was Mark Ruffalo Placed on a Terrorist Watch List?

Mark Ruffalo might be playing superhero the Incredible Hulk in the upcoming comic-book adaptation The Avengers, but to hear him tell it, the Department of Homeland Security has a less lofty opinion of him.

In a new interview with GQ (via FOX News), the Zodiac actor claims that the Pennsylvania branch of the DHS placed him on its terrorist watch list, after he screened the documentary GasLand in the Keystone State and spoke out about the practice of natural gas drilling earlier this year. 

Ruffalo’s reaction to being lumped in with Al Qaeda and other baddies? The 43-year-old actor tells the magazine that it was “pretty f*ckin’ funny” to receive news of his inclusion on the list.

The DHS itself would probably find Ruffalo’s story funny too—or at least fishy. Contacted about Ruffalo’s claim by the Philadelphia Enquirer, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency adamantly dismissed the story,  asserting,

“His name is not in any of our bulletins. There is no list, we never even had a list.”

Sounds like someone might be getting an extra-thorough pat-down from the TSA next time he tries to catch a flight.

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