Alexis Neiers Arrested With Heroin

Alexis Neiers Arrested With Heroin-photo

Former Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers has been arrested for allegedly violating her probation and possessing black tar heroin.

According to TMZ, Alexis had a warrant out for her arrest because she failed to make contact with her probation officers following her release from prison in July. When the police arrived, they allegedly found black tar heroin and a fake Florida driver's license in the 19-year-old starlet's room. She was charged for probation violation, possession of a controlled substance and perjury for her fake ID.

Alexis is currently on probation for burglarizing Orlando Bloom's Los Angeles home in 2009 as part of the infamous "Bling Ring," a group of Hollywood-era teens who robbed various stars' homes. The celebrity hit list included Paris Hilton, and Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, who ironically became prison cell neighbors with Alexis this summer when she served time for violating her probation.

Alexis, 19, was arrested in November of 2009 and sentenced to six months in prison in June of this year. She only served one month of her six-month sentence.

Alexis' arrest and trail were documented on her E! reality show, Pretty Wild. Watch a clip from the show below.

Alexis is currently working on a book about her life.

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  • Jen

    She sounds like a worthwhile member of society. Can't we just give her lots of heroin? You know that she won't exist anymore?

  • Lgoldina

    It's pretty hard to write an autobiography when you're on the nod, just so you know, Alexis. Good one! On the nod...Ha ha...Shes quite the idiot...There goes your modeling career!!

  • lauren

    god, this is so ridiculous. anyone else would have spent like 6 years in prison... she gets one month. I doubt she'll get much longer for the heroin

  • holleighweird

    It's pretty hard to write an autobiography when you're on the nod, just so you know, Alexis.

  • dafish11

    wowww what i dont understand is why do all the stars like her and lindsey serve less amount of time then there supposed to? 6 months and she only did 1...celebs shouldnt get everything just because there "famous".

  • lala

    you are so dumb, really really dumb.