Giveaway Alert! ‘Glee’ Christmas Stocking Stuffer!

Do you wish there was some way you could combine your love of Glee and your love of Christmas? If that seems to be a problem in your life, we’ve got the perfect cure!

Start warming up your pipes because on December 20 and 21 Celebuzz will be hosting a very special Glee Christmas video contest and you have the chance to win a “Stocking Stuffed with Glee” which will include:

The entire Glee CD Catalogue:

Glee: the Music, Volumes 1,2,3, & 4

Glee: the Music, The Power of Madonna

Glee: the Music, Journey to Regionals

Glee: the Music, The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Glee: the Music, The Christmas Album

A pair of Sony Piiq headphones, Glee: The Complete First season DVD, limited edition numbered Glee holiday sweater lithograph.

For full rules (and the WORLD premiere of the song “Welcome Christmas”) head over the official “Stocking Stuffed with Gleesite!

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