Kate Gosselin Blames Jon For Their Kids’ School Troubles

Kate Gosselin would like to set the record straight on a couple of things: First, her kids weren’t kicked out of school, they were merely politely asked to leave. And secondly, whatever academic difficulties they’re experiencing are probably the fault of her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin.

The 35-year-old reality TV mom tells People magazine that, contrary to recent reports, her six-year-olds, Collin and Alexis, weren’t expelled:

“The school would never use that word. [Collin and Alexis] were not expelled. [The school] did not feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave, for now.”

For the time being, Gosselin notes, Collin and Alexis are being taught by a private tutor who’s employing an “identical curriculum” to the school’s.

So what led to the kids’ sudden turn toward home-schooling? Naturally, the Kate Plus 8 matriarch places the blame squarely on the shoulders of Jon, whom she divorced in December 2009:

“They’ve been the ones to verbalize the most that they miss Daddy. I could see that they’re the ones struggling the most…[Collin] was upset and saying things out of frustration – he’d crumple his papers and throw them on the floor. Alexis was angry in a different way. She didn’t want to sit still. She’d get up and want to run around.”

Gosselin adds that the troubled tots are currently seeing a therapist and are “doing much, much better.”

If the shrink is that good, maybe Kate should send him Jon’s way when he’s done with the kids.

Do you think Jon and Kate will eventually reunite for the kids’ sake? Share your predictions in the comments section.