Noah Cyrus Goes to the Dogs (PHOTOS)

Noah Cyrus was totally dogging it yesterday.

Miley Cyrus' 10-year-old sister had her hands full in Toluca Lake, California, on Tuesday, walking the family dog Mate. From the looks of things, she might have been better off throwing a saddle on the beast and riding him through town.

Hit up the photo gallery to join Noah on her dog-walking duties. And make sure to hit up Paparazzi-Razzi for more pics of your favorite famous folks out and about.



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  • MileyFan

    You guys leave her alone! She's only young!

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  • Lisa

    Wow, people are calling a 10-year-old ugly? And we wonder why girls in this country often have self-esteem issues.

  • dakota

    well this is a nice pic! they shouldve taken this one to be large when its above the story the one that was above the story was like.. ugly..

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  • Lila

    That dog looks like he's enjoying a good bite on that woman's arm.

  • erh

    who is that next to her ?

  • Cherie Friedman
    Cherie Friedman

    aw cute who's that by her?

  • lauren

    someone needs to train that dog.

  • mix

    me thinks she's ugly too :P

  • Christie Ma
    Christie Ma

    Mate Cyrus is so BIG. Noah Cyrus looks really happy. Hope to see more pictures of Noah Cyrus

  • mischa

    wow you guys are the lowest of the low..... i could understand criticising her clothes or someting...but her l? shes still a child...hasnt evefully developed yet. You guys are sick freaks insulting a little girl.

  • bellz

    is it just me or is that dog biting that other person?

  • wow

    am I the only one who thinks that this girl is very, very, very ugly. Miley at her age at least looked like a human being but Noah doesn't even look like human. UGLYYY!!!