John Mayer: Making a Play for Eva Longoria?

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John Mayer sure is a nice guy. Even as Eva Longoria struggles to come to grips with the dissolution of her marriage, the Battle Studies crooner is reportedly willing to step in and comfort the Desperate Housewives beauty in her time of need.

A source close to Mayer tells PopEater’s Rob Shuter that the puppy-eyed troubadour and noted womanizer has had his eye on Longoria, who filed for divorce from her husband Tony Parker last month, and now that she’s on her way to being a free woman, it’s high time to swoop in. The Mayer pal spills,

“John is crazy about Eva. There is something about newly-divorced ladies that drives him nuts. He was the same way over Jessica [Simpson] when she left Nick [Lachey], and now he has his eye on Eva.”

The only hitch? Longoria, shockingly, might not be receptive to Mayer’s advances. According to a source close to the actress,

“No way is Eva thinking of another man right now. Mayer can send all the flowers in the world and even show up under her window with his guitar and it would make no difference. Eva wants some alone time. She is still heartbroken about her marriage falling apart.”

What a shame; now Mayer might never find out what kind of sexual incendiary substance Longoria is.

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