Kellan Lutz Wants His Own ‘Twilight’ Spinoff

Take heart, Twi-hards; contrary to earlier beliefs, The Twilight Saga might not be coming to an end with the two-part Breaking Dawn finale. At least if Kellan Lutz has his way.

The Twilight beefcake—who plays Emmett Cullen in the vampy movie series—tells E! Online that he’s ready to step in and extend the franchise with his own spin-off flick should Summit Entertainment give him the green light. Lutz posits,

“I would love to have dialogue more than one-liners. That would be amazing! Emmett really has a great side story. Just his whole upbringing and how he got turned into a vampire and his whole grizzly bear attack and how Rosalie saved him. It would be nice to see a spin[off].”

Another benefit of an Emmett Cullen spinoff? Lutz promises there’d be plenty of steamy sex scenes between himself and his co-star, Nikki Reed:

“You see Rosalie and Emmett go into a shack and have monkey madness fun. I mean, there could be some great moments for the older fans.”

Lutz’s proposed title for this monkey madness fun extravaganza? “The Emmett Chronicles!”

What say you, Twi-hards? Is Emmett Cullen deserving of his own Twilight spinoff? If not him, then who? Let us know in the comments section.

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